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Which bride had opals sewn into her wedding dress?

Holly-Valance-Vintage-Wedding-GownA few weeks ago I shared with you the beautiful wedding hair comb created for one of our clients. Now comes the news that Australian actress Holly Valance has wed Nick Candy in a couture designed dress that was embellished with opals. The designers were J’Aton, an Australian duo.

“The gown was created in Australia with initial meetings and fitting in London. The dress was then finalized in LA”, said the pair. “The entire process took three months with two solid months with a team of 6 beading, hand dyeing, embroidering and sewing.”

But the detail doesn’t end there. “Holly also wanted a touch of Australia in the gown and we studded the gown in incredible opals that we had custom made for the embellishment in her gown in various shapes” said the duo.

So far only one photo has been released and try as I might I can’t find the opal – it’s like a Where’s Wally game!
Can you find the opals?