What not to do with opal

We love opal, and we love that you love it too!

Opal is fun; it’s about discovery and very often joy. We all need much more of that in our lives – right?

Watch Justin as he takes you through some of the extremes and gives you a “taste” of how opal is not like a diamond (although I doubt diamond would recover from some of this either).

 CAUTION: This video is not educational, but it may make you smile.

7 thoughts on “What not to do with opal”

  1. TOO FUNNY!!!! 10 grand? I very seriously doubt, that Justin, would have been that careless, with an opal that cost that much.

  2. oh here we go again with swallowing opals … havent we milked that scenario to death yet? lol ….. nahhhh that one has got years of giggles left in it 🙂


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