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Website and Opal Review by Wayne Schmidt

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Wayne who inquired about purchasing an opal. He directed us to his very informative website that discusses his experiences in buying an opal on the net. He went on to purchase a stone from us and then contacted us to say he had reviewed our site and the opal purchased. We were blown away by his generous words.

You can read his full story here and watch the video he made of the opal purchased.

This is some of what he had to say:

“Besides looking for opals, I also review websites about opals. The absolute best I’ve found is Black Opal Direct run by Mr. Justin Thomas. This great website has it all: over two dozen interesting and entertaining videos about all aspects of opals, easy navigation and some of the most beautiful opals available online. Each opal is featured on its own page with both still images and a video with commentary. Best of all, Black Opal Direct offers a no-questions-asked, 30-day, money-back guarantee on any opal they sell. I highly encourage everyone to visit this site for an outstanding opal experience.

My wife and I were so impressed with this site that we decided to purchase one of its opals. It arrived one day ahead of schedule and was so well packaged that FedEx could have driven a fork lift over it without damaging the opal. The opal itself was everything we’d hoped it would be.”

Click here to watch the video.

Along with an opal review Wayne blogs on many topics ranging from gardening, music and the computer game World of Warcraft. You are sure to find interesting things on his site and I learnt a thing or two – mainly on my favorite subject – chocolate! Thanks so much Wayne for sharing your journey into the world of opal!