Unearthed a $5000 black opal from the rough

I unearthed a $5000 black opal from the rough and it felt as good as coming home to a big seafood dinner!

We’re going a bit coo-coo in the workshop today; from head-banging to Harry Potter spells and a lot of opal in between.

There I was, mining down by the jetty when my shovel thudded against something hard. Curious to what I would find, I dug my hand deep into the gritty sand and pulled out a gorgeous shimmering blue nobby. What was a Lightning Ridge nobby doing 2 foot under my jetty? Those are the secrets I’ll never tell…

In this week’s video, we take the top off this opal Spring Break style and check out the goodies underneath. The stunning B3 blue-green color goodies, I mean. No other tops were removed in the making of this video.

I’ll show you what to do when you have residual black potch on the face of an opal, and how to tackle sand spots and chips in the face.

Love the opal in this video? It’s a stunner! This $5000 black opal weighs 8.07-carats and has a body tone of N4. The nice medium dome really shows off the B3 oceanic hues we found underneath.

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