The Uncut Gem Black Opal

Everyone told me this uncut gem opal wouldn’t work, they told me not to risk it, but I did it anyway. 

When I first saw this 25-carat rub, I saw it had potential. I also saw some concerns.

A fracture in the back meant losing carat weight, and a second color bar under the surface either flips the stone to a top gem or results in me cutting it to pieces.

I phoned miners and friends in the industry to get their opinion on this uncut gem, and the answer was the same; don’t risk it. Don’t cut to the second color bar.

I saw black spots in the stone that could go right through completely ruining the gem. If these come through, I have to cut the large rub into much smaller stones.

I felt conflicted; do I risk it? Or do I accept the stone as it is, even though there could be something amazing underneath? 

If you’re a regular BOD watcher, you’d know that once I latch onto an idea, my curiosity takes over! I couldn’t help my self… I had to go in.

With a few deep breaths and many breaks, I took the plunge.

Spoiler alert! Here are the final results! 

The final piece is a glorious 16.82-carat gem black opal with unbelievable color that looks at you from every angle. This top gem is a natural opal found under the gorgeous red earth of the Grawin Opal Field in Lightning Ridge, Australia. It is a natural and untreated opal, as always.

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