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The new and improved Black Opal Direct

Searching for the perfect opal can be a joy when you have the time but say you are looking for something particular? Or you have a preference for color or shape?

Now you can search for specific things on Black Opal Direct using our new search tools. At the moment these search tools work only for the cut and polished stones. We are still working on how you can search for particular types of rough and rubbed opal.


This is has remained the same from the previous and give the most search results.



Have a price point in mind? Use the slider to narrow your search for opal by clicking and dragging the dots on the slider until the price narrows. Once the slider has narrowed you can then refine it further if you need to.




There are so many colors to choose from and we have made it easiers for you. Seaching by color will bring up a list of all the predominant color options. It doesn’t mean other colors aren’t present in the stone, just that the ones listed are the most obvious. We have also listed them in order so a Green Blue stone will be more green than blue where as a Blue Green stone will show up more blue with touches of green.



If you have a particular setting you need to fill or a design to bring to life then shape can also be an important factor. Our dropdown menu lists the shapes we currently have for sale.



Body tone is another way you can refine your results when you are looking for a particular type of stone – say a blacker than black opal(N1).



Brightness maybe your first choice when looking at opal so we have made it easier to find the grade you are looking for. Our scale goes from 1 – which is subdued – all the way up to 5 which is reserved for the most vivid of all stones.


Finally, you can also search in the product listings by most recent – so you can keep up to date with what I have loaded. As always there is new stock every week and sometimes every day!