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Taking risks with opal: will the gamble pay off?

It’s pretty risky in our state at the moment with ex Tropical Cyclone Debbie battering us with heavy rain (12 inches in the last 24 hours – same expected tonight), subsequent flooding and tonight very high winds are expected. Spare a thought for those up north who really took a battering in the cyclone (hurricane) and if you want to have the full experience check out our mate Andy’s video here.

So it seemed like the perfect day to make a video about taking risks with opal!

Justin shows you a rough piece which he hopes will cut two very different opals. The challenge is that one color bar is lying on top of the other and so the process is an all or nothing gamble. Taking risks with opal is an everyday occurrence here but I forget that sometimes its a big deal with serious money involved.

I asked him not to tell me the outcome and I’ll be honest I held my breath for what seems like the full 8:35 minutes of the video.