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Cooceran Opal Tour

Welcome back to Black Opal Direct! This week I want to take you to the heart of the opal country. To see where the best … Read more

Boulder opal

Boulder opal is the most organic type of gemstone. Being an opal that has a host-rock, the boulder opal forms in veins, fissures and cracks … Read more

Solid Black Opal

Solid black opal is found mainly in Lightning Ridge in Australia. Black opal is a dark-bodied or a dark tint throughout the opal, making the … Read more

Australian Black Opal

Australian Black Opal comes from Lightning Ridge in the outback of New South Wales,  Australia. Commercially it would produce over 95% of the World’s black … Read more

Gem Black Opal

How is Gem Black Opal found? Gem black Opal is found in the formation of a nobby (rounded nodule) or in a seam. Lightning Ridge … Read more

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