Black Opal Nobby

Opal Cut of the Year!

This is without a doubt, the opal cut of the year!The nobby was presented to me on my last trip to Lightning Ridge for the … Read more



October is almost here, or as others may know it, Opal Month!If you are lucky enough to be born in October you would know that … Read more

about face

About Face

The difficult decision every opal cutter must make is about face — the opal face of course!Which side do I decide to cut when both … Read more

Gem cut of the decade

Gem cut of the decade

Thanks for joining us — this is a rough opal cut you will not forgetI spent two weeks observing this gem, drawing on it and planning … Read more


Mum, you’re a gem!

Meet our lovely Black Opal Direct Mums, who are all indeed, gems!We would be lost without them, from helping run our small business, to spoiling … Read more

Lightning Ridge Opal Mines

Lightning Ridge has many different opal fields or mines in and around it. The opal from each mine and area can differ from black opal … Read more

Opal Tailout Video 1 e1461811278393

Opal Mining Strike

You can feel the ‘buzz in the air’  in this short video clip… Opal Mining Strike. Justin has just received news from his mining crew at … Read more

Opal Mines

There are many different opal fields in Australia. Most of the opal fields are in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. All of the … Read more

Natural Opal

Natural opal is the term used for opal that has naturally formed in the ground in areas where silica is in high concentration through the … Read more

Matrix Opal

Matrix opal is a treated opal that comes from in Australia. It is defined as opal in host rock. The main field that produces this … Read more

Lightning Ridge Opal

There are many types of rough opal from many parts of the world. Rough opal comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. In Ethiopia, opal … Read more

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