Rough Opal can be risky business

As with all rough opals there is plenty of risk involved, but with risk comes reward — this is a journey not to be missed.

From the beginning I can see that this big piece of rough opal has inclusions and sand but I am more excited to see what lies deep inside.

I have been a sand magnet of late and have taken a few beatings from some rough opals but I’m always up for a challenge.

Once I started working on the knobby and started to expose the colors I could see the potential this rough opal had to offer.

The risk lies in the slicing of the opal but the pay off is what is revealed underneath.

The challenge was so worth the risk because it paid off in abundance, check out the bounty below — happy dance!

Our Bounty

The Queen Stone is a 7.35ct Black Opal 16.6×11.2x6mm  – which makes me so happy, as that is a lot of Fish Tacos!
Top slice – 0.82ct Black Opal 9.8×5.1×2.7mm.
Drop shape – 2.16ct Black Opal 10.9x7x4.3mm.
Ring stone – 1.60ct Black Opal 12.1×8.4×2.2mm.

As you can see from our treasure trove above, rough opal can be risky but sometimes it pays off and you’re left with a beautiful bounty of black opal gems.

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