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How to reduce fatigue when cutting opal

Cutting opal can be tough on the body, crunched over a cutting wheel for hours on end, its no wonder Justin gets a sore back and neck. One of our customers decided to find a better posture for cutting by positioning a concave mirror over the top of his wheel. Daniel tells the story best:


[quote] It has a 3x magnification (I found that greater than that does not work, and flat mirrors make the stone seem too far away from your eye). They can be found at most beauty suppliers or  Bed Bath and Beyond. The larger diameter seems to help (8 inch or more). I modified the mount on the mirror horizontally so that it will sit in a position around a 45deg angle just above the top of the wheel you are working the stone on.[/quote]


Mirror positioned over cutting wheel
Mirror mounted at approx. 45deg above the wheel. The mount can be moved above whichever desired cutting wheel.
Eyeline when Cutting
Yellow line shows viewing the stone from the top with 3x magnification from concave mirror, then the stone can easily be moved and looked at for a real image through the red line.
Magnification of Opal
This image shows the view through the yellow line and red simultaneously from my perspective. In real life, the mirror shows more magnification.

Daniel goes on to say that after cutting for a few hours this way he has a lot less fatigue in his neck and shoulders and it has helped considerably. Well done Daniel! We love your ingenuity.


What about you? Have you customised your cutting experience? What do you do about fatigue when cutting?