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The Red Edit – Opals Under $1000

Red opals, like all opals, are truly one of a kind. They are as unique as fingerprints; a culmination of patterns and colors so distinct, no two are the same.

In celebration of Mother’s Day we introduce The Red Edit; a collection of opals under $1000 that have prominent red, orange and yellow. We’ve curated this edit to include gems flecked with fire trapped inside a galaxy of color – a perfect gift for the strong woman in your life this Mother’s Day.

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Red Opal 4.5ct - 2.19ct - 1.84ct
4.5ct – 2.19ct – 1.84ct

Color can impact our emotions or perceptions and red is seen as a color of strength, courage, radiance, and determination. Red is an intense color and can inspire confidence, vibrancy, and increased enthusiasm in the wearer.

Red Opal 4.5ct
4.5ct Opal

Make Her Day – Shop Now For Mother’s Day

Opals reflect such a wide variety of color that they make a gorgeous addition to any outfit; whatever you wear will draw out complimenting colors in the opal while pulling attention to your striking statement piece.

Red Opal 1.84ct
1.84ct Opal

The warm red tones of these opals are complimented by the cooler blue, green, and purple flecks. The vibrant warm hues layered over the cool undertones create a droplet of contrast, swirling and moving with the light.

Red Opal 1.64ct
1.64ct Opal

Wearing an opal adds a touch of opulence and style to any ensemble and these red opals are no exception. They exude strength and warmness, captivating attention to view the swirling show within. Give the gift of elegant adornment this Mother’s Day with the one of a kind gift of an opal, shop The Red Edit now.