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Rare Opal

Rare opal is the term for opal that is less common than most types of opal. Rare opal can also mean a type of opal pattern that does not display very often.  Opal patterns are rare when you have patterns like harlequin pattern or checkerboard pattern. Most common opals have flag or pinfire pattern.

When it comes to the most rare opal in the world. Lightning Ridge Black opal is as rare as it gets. With a gemstone so rare and valuable you will not find many of them around the world.

Most black opal comes from Lighting Ridge and 98 percent of the worlds black opal comes from there. Lightning Ridge has been the best supplier of black opal since the early 50s.

As black opal is the most rare, the color can contribute to it’s rarity. The most rare opal is red on black opal, meaning the opal has red color-play and pattern, with a dark body-tone. The body-tone refers to the black potch that is naturally held on the back of the opal color to give the opal its dark effect.

Other rare opals are Crystal opals. When a crystal opal is most rare is when the opal has red color-play and is clear to see through. All of these opals are found in Lightning Ridge from just about every surrounding field but only in small pockets.

On a whole rare opal is opal with color-play and pattern. Unlike common opal that has no color and pattern. Most continents produce common opal, but only a few small pockets around the world produce Rare opal.

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