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Rare crystal, rubs and lots more gems

Recently we have been able source some rare crystal material from Andamooka. For those not in the know Andamooka produced some of the best and hardest crystal material. Much of it have been mined out and sold but we have some magic pieces to bring to Tucson. The image below shows a couple of the pieces – they are all fairly clean and large – over 30cts. So if you are in the market to cut a special gem, these may be for you!

Bookings are still available here.

Rare Crystal Opal Rough from Andamooka
Andamooka Crystal Opal Rough

As well as rough we are also bringing a wide range of rubs and gem Opals. Our miners have worked hard this year and truly delivered. We feel so lucky to be able to bring you some of the best that the Ridge can offer.



Are you a bit of a fashionista? If so you’ll be aware that Pantone (the colour people) just released their colour of the year and it’s a cracker (Aussie slang for great!). It’s called Greenery.

According to the Pantone website it’s ” a refreshing and revitalizing shade… symbolic of new beginnings… Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.

Renew, reinvigorate – I like the sound of that! Who doesn’t want that after the big year that was 2016?

Surprisingly (go on, you’re surprised), it’s also the most predominant and beautiful colour found in opal – so you’ll always be fashion forward! There are so many varieties of green and also blue on display, we dare you to find only one you are in love with.

For me green is a special colour and one I’ve come to appreciate more and more as I get older. It seems there is always one hue to match my mood and my favourite hues also match out with my favourite hues of blue. The kind people at Pantone have put them all together for you to see below. What is your favourite opal color?

Pantone Greenery


Go and find your favourite online now or come and see us in Tucson and discover your favourite colors and check out this amazing rare crystal opal from Andamooka.

Bookings are still available here.

Here is our cell number whilst we are in the US. Please note it won’t work until Jan 28.

(646) 923 4620

See you all really soon!