Opus Opal: Opal Jewelry Spotlight

Opal Jewelery for Men by Opus Opal
14ct Gold and Opal Ring

Here at Black Opal Direct, we often have jewelers purchase from us because they know that all our opal is polished and ready to be set beautifully – we provide the sparkle. They provide the artistry to create beautiful opal jewelry.

One such designer that we are honored to work with is Konstantin Hoos of Opus Opal in Germany. His designs are often centred around opal with the addition of diamonds and other stones. Catering to men and women, he has concentrated on really bringing choice to the design of men’s rings.

We love his work, and the quality is lovely. This ring pictured is one of the most recent opals purchased from us, and we think it’s wonderful! Konstantin writes, “Over 20 grams of 14 K gold and 6 diamonds were added. So a new ring was born today and has seen the light of life.”

You can view more of Konstantin’s work at his website Opus Opal. While the website is in German, I am sure that Konstantin would be happy to work with you wherever you are in the world.

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