Opal Pendants

Custom Crystal Opal Pendant with Gems by Black Opal Direct

Why an opal pendant…

For centuries pendants have been worn as items of adornment for woman.  An opal pendant is eye-catching. The colour play in an opal will mean that the stone when viewed in different directions will look different. An opal will also display different colours when viewed in different types of lighting. This phenomena is due to the reflection and refraction of light through the silica spheres which make up an opal.

An opal is not a hard gemstone in comparison to other gemstones. Worn as a pendant an opal is less likely to be damaged. Any opal jewelery should be worn with care.

An unusual opal pendant can also become a great talking point. Due to the individuality of opal, it will mean no one else will have the same item as you. No two pieces of opal are ever identical making your opal pendant as individual as you are.  Unusual pendants can be made from opal carvings as the organic shapes and polished surfaces compliment the piece. Also, picture stones make ideal pendants. You can create your own little story from a picture stone.

As once quoted ‘ your only limit will be your imagination’ in creating that special opal pendant. 

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