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Opal pairs, sets and even suites!

6.75ct black opal pair2Opal pairs, sets and suites. The great thing about opal is that is it unique – you won’t see another exactly like it. The not so great thing about opal is that they are all unique and you won’t see another one like it!

Mmm, what to do when you want to match your opal with another piece of opal, say a pair of earrings or a ring and a pendant – or all of the above? Scour the internet and every jeweler you’ve ever walked passed for that one particular stone? Not a great use of your time I am sure.

Well, to save you time and give you choice,  I’ve dived into our inventory.  What I’ve matched is a number of crystal opals that could be pairs, sets and I’ve even found a suite. Remember all opals are unique and so they aren’t “exactly” the same. This seems be be more pronounced in some of the images but in most cases they are similar enough to be worn as earrings, rings and pendants – without looking too different or jarring to the eye.

Each of the stones can be bought singularly or together, giving to total flexibility.

Did you know?

We can also cut any stones purchased from us to a required size if needed.

Later I’ll bring you some black opal pairs and sets but for now take a look at the gallery of crystal opal.

White Opal  Set 11.14ct $399  and 3.94ct $699White-set-15ct-approx

Crystal opal pair 2.35ct $399 and 2.10ct $299Crytal-pair-4.45ct-tw

Crystal opal set 1.89ct $699 (double sided) and 2.38ct $500


Crystal Opal Pendant Set 3.18ct $699 and 3.00ct triangle $599

Crystal Opal Suite – perfect for a pair of earrings, a ring and a pendant clockwise:

1.06ct $1991.50ct drop $299, 2.50ct $599 and 2.54ct $599