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Opal Jewelry | Customer Creation Spotlight

When you buy an opal from us we always love to see the opal jewelry you create. Here are a few recent examples from our customers.

Opal Ring

Recently a customer shared this lovely opal ring he had made by custom jeweller Jenny Seligmann of Diamonds Forever in San Diego.

The semi black opal is not large at 1.09cts and measures 9.5x7mm. It is 2.5mm thick with a medium dome.

Set in scooped claws, the stone is further protected by two crossbars grain set with gossular garnets. I think the result is a beautiful opal ring. Timeless and classic it shows off that particular stone perfectly.

Opal Ring with Gossular Garnets
Opal Ring with Gossular Garnets


Opal Pendant

One of our long time clients, Christian from France, has done a beautiful design from a piece of stunning black opal. he bought the piece in a rough parcel and has transformed it into this.

It has the look as though flames are running through the piece in a simple opal pendant. As you can see there  is so much going on in the opal that by using a simple design it enhances the opal and makes it the center of attention. He has also made it double sided so it can be enjoyed either way.  A lovely but simple piece of inspiration.

Double sided opal pendant
Double sided opal pendant


Crystal Opal Ring

Our final piece is from a customer in Colorado who purchased a 2 carat crystal opal for his wife. I couldn’t say it better so here is an explanation in Rob’s words;

I liked the vintage, artsy look of the band and it really complements my wife’s disposition since she is an artist. The opal is so bright and large that it out-dazzled the side stones that I was considering. I eventually found that it looked best all by itself because it is unique and radiant.”
Art inspired crystal opal ring
Art inspired crystal opal ring


Find a Jeweler

If you are purchasing a stone and want it made into a piece of opal jewelry remember that there are as many jewelers who love to work with opal as there are those not familiar. Please feel free to contact us for recommendations of visit our Find a Jeweler page.