Donald Trump’s $399 opal cutting challenge

A few weeks ago, we posted about Blue Opal and some new parcels we had in stock. One of our subscribers commented and set us a challenge to cut one of the parcels currently up for sale.

Here in this video – We show you the parcel that Donald Trump picked out and Justin cuts, and then values it right in front of you. To Mr Trump out there – thank you so much for setting us the challenge.

Often people will say to us, “since I am not in the same room, how can I be sure that I am getting value for money?” This is a great question and one we love you asking. We always like to make sure that each parcel is value for money, so we like to post videos and photos of all the opal we sell.

The Opal Parcel Challenge
The Opal Parcel Challenge

Those of you not interested in cutting your own opal, watch the video anyway and see how rock is transformed into a wearable gemstone. As a non-cutter, Ruth likes to try and guess which “rock” will yield the prettiest stone – it’s always a fun game!

Do you have a question for us? Is there something you would like to know more about opal? Please feel free to ask or share – you never know – we might make a video on it!


This will be:

4 pm in Frankfurt Germany

3 pm London, United Kingdom

10 am New York, USA

7 am Los Angeles, USA

UPDATE: The parcel has now been sold 

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s $399 opal cutting challenge”

  1. Great Video Justin, that is a great idea for a challenge. I love the idea of showing people the piece/parcel of rough, and the process of cutting it to their finished stone when they buy a nice opal. They seem to love it too.
    I can definitly vouch for your rough/rub prices. I am pretty sure that out of all of the parcels I have ever bought from you (probably 15+) I have been able to cut at least one stone that, when finished, would pay for the entire parcel. All the rest of the stones are just the “cherries on top” 🙂

    • Hey Daniel Thanks mate for the kind words. I do try my best to make sure everyone does well out of what I put on my website. I’m not perfect and when I’m not I will make up for it everytime. Good on you Daniel


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