Nobby Opal Number 3

Nobby Opal number 3 from our ‘Pick a Winner’ competition came in at a very close second to number 4.
A mixed up looking nobby but it showed a lot of potential.
From experience, these types of rough nobby can be unpredictable — from amazing to failing miserably.

Number 3 Makes The Cut!

When closely inspecting the nobby with my Gemfish Flashlight, I see an abundance of glowing inside.
This tells me there is a thick color bar sitting inside.
So, without hesitation, it’s off to the slicer — let’s see what’s inside this rough.
Fingers crossed we may get at least one or hopefully even two good gemstones.
As I thought, the color inside is spectacular!
There are actually beautiful colors showing at the top of the nobby, which was a little unexpected.
However, I believe that there may be even better color at the very bottom, so back to the slicer.

Layers and Layers of Color

All 3 slices are so beautiful in their own way.
This has given me an idea to do something a little different.
Rather than making them a traditional oval opal, I have decided to just polish the face of each slice and leave them as a beautiful nobby specimen.
What we have ended up with is a natural rough nobby opal sliced into 3 pieces.
Showing beautiful green and blue play of color with Moss and Floral patterns.
What a wonderful set of specimen gem pieces from a lovely rough opal nobby hailing from the Wyoming Field in Lightning Ridge, Australia.

We hope you enjoyed the video and loved the outcome!
Let us know in the comments section below if you would like to see more specimen opals on our website

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