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New from the opal fields

New Stock for Black Opal DirectWell what a crazy last few days it’s been here up at the Ridge. The place is full of energy with so many people in town for the meeting on Saturday. It felt just like the old days  – at the height of the black opal rush in the 90’s.

Despite the crisis of government inaction, the opal scene is also upbeat, with quite a few people finding opal. A couple of new fields have been found or rediscovered with some patches that were missed from the drilling rigs of past.  It just goes to show there is still plenty of opal out there to be found and miners around here are nothing but resourceful! You just have to put in the time to get find it. Hopefully the government will allow that time for us. For more updates and to sign the petition go here.

It is interesting to see the people of Lightning Ridge come together as one team – not a usual occurrence in an industry full of individualists and entrepreneurs but a great effort nevertheless – united we stand!

Being in town also gave me the opportunity to collect a whole lot more stock and as you can see from the image above I was able to land some beauties!

Black opal gem 6.17ct
6.17 ct black gem $12,999
rough opal 10pc 181ct14
Rough Opal Parcel $699

My current favorite is this 6.17ct black gem. She is magnificent and has a unique broach green flash with is over the top of a magnificent red color bar. Check out the video for a glimpse. This is a stone for a collector and I guarantee they will stare at it for hours!

I also have quite a bit of rough loaded on the site with great color so if you are itching to get back on the wheel and cut some opal – get in quick for your pick of the bunch!


Easter Festival 29 March – 31 March 2013

The town is getting ready to welcome you and your families for its annual Easter Festival. It is always been a great weekend with horse races, fireworks, street parades and opal markets. This year we also have the BIG DIG where you have the chance to fossick for opal on the main street in town to find over $20,000 worth of opal. For more information visit the website here

Finally thank you to everyone for signing the petition from Australia and overseas. The fact that there are so many overseas signatures and comments is a big plus as the government can clearly see the world-wide impact of their decisions. So, just because you don’t live here, please don’t think your voice is any less relevant!

Enjoy the new stock!


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