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Blue Opal: New Arrivals

Blue opal reminds me of long summer days  – particularly that late evening time when the sun has gone down but its not completely dark. Blue opal also reminds me of the deep sea. Has anyone been on a cruise and watched the ocean when there is no land for hundreds of miles? Deep, deep indigo blue.

We have a number of  rough opal stones with many pieces exhibiting lots of blue that have just arrived fresh from the mines of Lightning Ridge.

One of the most common colours, blue hued opals are  also some of my favourites. They are characterized by deep saturated blue ranging from a mysterious navy to a happy turquiose. Many of the stones are in the darker range – combined with violets and purples.

The wonderful thing about blue opal is that it often occurs in larger sized pieces and so many parcels have stone that may even be great for carving.

UPDATE: These opals have now sold. You can search for blue using the predominant color dropdown menu in the shop HERE.