Mesmerising transformation from nobby to gem opal

Love gem opal but not into learning how to cut? This video is for you!

Watch Justin transform an opal from a raw nobby into a massive wearable gem opal.

Nobby opal like this is fairly typical for the field it was found on. The Wyoming field is about 30 minutes north of Lightning Ridge. The field has been mined for many years and has yielded much opal including some fairly significant gemstones.

And don’t worry, if you are on the lookout for some cutting tips, Justin does manage to squeeze a few in! Along the way he discusses how you can tell if the colour bar is clear (hint: buy yourself a really good pencil torch) and what it takes to transform the rock.

Maybe it’s the new music but this video had me mesmerised.  So sit back and enjoy this transformation from rough into a gem opal.

Love it? You can now purchase this gem opal right here.



8 thoughts on “Mesmerising transformation from nobby to gem opal”

  1. Beautiful color play ! Always loved blues with greens… Beautiful gem and always interesting and fun to watch Justin and his passion and love for the beautiful gems 🙂


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