Little nobby with huge potential

Upon my first observation of this nobby, I could see some incredibly bright color breaking in and out of the rough.
The color bar looks thick, but it does wedge down a bit on the sandy side.
I am confident this is a little nobby with huge potential!

Join me in the video below to see the journey of this flashy little opal and see what we uncover.

Where We Started

Going in, I’m hoping to cut a 1.20ct to 1.50ct gemstone and if not, the color I am seeing will give me enough satisfaction.
I-spy potch and it’s black — just underneath that is the color bar, yes!!
I get so excited when the color starts coming through — my absolute favourite part of the cutting process!

This incredible little piece of rough opal does come with its challenges.
When holding such a small gem, you need to be nimble in your fingers to be able to work the opal on the wheel.
Even when the cut is going seemingly well, problems can still arise —
– Sand Spots
– Cracks
– Lines may appear once it is dry
Fingers crossed we escape having any of these issues occur today.

Opal Cutting Tip

When cutting your piece of rough opal, it is important to get as close to the final shape you are hoping to achieve before you put it on the dopstick.
Doing this makes for a much easier process going forward with the rest of the cut and polish.

Opal Outcome

Every Opal takes you on a unique journey and this one is no exception.
It went from a nice piece of rough nobby to a lovely 1.32ct Gem Black Opal — find it here.
With a bodytone of an N4 and a brightness of a 4 — coming in around the AUD$2500.00 mark.
A great dome height and flashes of greens, yellows, oranges and blues — this would be the perfect little ring stone.
So did our little nobby with huge potential deliver? Indeed it did.

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