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Lightning Ridge Opal Buying Update

Ribbon Pattern Black Opal 4ct
Ribbon Pattern Black Opal 4ct

I’ve just returned from Lightning Ridge and spent lots of time catching up with friends. I saw some amazing opal  – much of it new but there were some pieces I remembered my Father cutting years ago – it brought back many old memories.

Many of the professional opal miners are also collectors. They are sitting on opal that they have mined over the years that is just breathtaking. Bruce* is one of these and is most passionate about our stone. He reckons that if he sells it, he will never see opal like it again. Maybe, maybe not I say. Pieces like the harlequin pattern I sold a few weeks ago and the the piece above show that there are still many beautiful opals still to be found, maybe not as many as in the past – but they are still there.

In other  news the flood waters are slowly receding. There are still heaps of carp in them and they are now fighting for space. I wouldn’t want to live close by as a combination of less water and increased temperatures is going to result in a mighty stink as they expire!

The majority of miners are getting in the last mining of the season before it gets way too hot. I got to see quite a bit of opal and there is lots of new stock in all categories. Here are some before and after pics.