Improving a gem opal from beautiful to exquisite

This is a more advanced opal cutter topic which has a few really great points when it comes to improving a gem opal. Sometimes you come across a stone that is beautiful but the cut could be improved and with the improvement comes added value.

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Inclusions in opal are sometimes unavoidable and can be an opal cutters worst nightmare but for this stone the inclusion had the possibility to be cut out. The spot was showing up on the edge of the opal like a light cloud. This spot detracted from the opal’s beauty and was not pleasing. I calculated that by trimming the edge in a little, the gem would be improved and make it more valuable.

Improving a gem opal BEFORE
Before Cutting: You can see the cloud at the top of the opal

Some people would call me crazy to have cut good color away but in my opinion the stone has the potential to be more than beautiful. It is now exquisite.

Watch the video and see the results and along the way I give out a few cutting tips.

Have you ever had a go at improving a gem opal? Did it work out?

2 thoughts on “Improving a gem opal from beautiful to exquisite”

  1. Hi Justine, You did not say what was the weight of the stone before and what is its present weight. Just wanna know how much carats it lost. It would have been better if you would have shown the opal after the improved cut, in close-up video. Rgds MHT


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