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How to cut opal – see a gem emerge from a rough opal

How to cut an opal - 25.50ct black opal

How to cut opal: cutting challenge #3. A customer recently bought a rough piece of opal and was unsure how it should be cut.

He decided to send it back…

Normally we would re-list the stone.Justin decides to take on the opal cutting challenge that he has been presented with.

The video is a long one at 21 minutes but you will see the whole process as well as tips and advice on the following:

  • Assessing rough opal for colour.
  • How to decide which way an opal should be cut.
  • How the dome is formed on an opal.
  • What grades of diamond wheels are used when.
  • How to achieve that final perfect polish.

For those not keen on cutting opal themselves you will still find the video fascinating as a gemstone is revealed layer by layer – and you will be well on your way to understanding how to cut opal at a pretty expert level!