How to Cut an Opal

Learn from an expert how to cut an opal the old-fashioned way.

This is the first video to watch in the series if you are interested in cutting and polishing opal.

Justin is a second generation opal cutter learning from his father Jorgen who was a master cutter and carver.

Justin started cutting as a young boy where his father from years of experience started to teach him the ‘tricks of the trade’. Justin has become a master cutter himself with over 30 years experience.

In this easy to follow video ‘how to cut an opal’ Justin will discuss the art of fashioning an opal the old-fashioned way using sandpaper and felt wheels with Cerium Oxide.

In this video Justin has a ‘nobby’ which he has in the ‘grub’ stage ready for polishing.

He will discuss in a concise and informative way:-

  • How to mount your stone onto a dop stick.
  • The importance of good quality diamond cutting wheels.
  • The difference in ‘grit’ for sandpaper and there uses.
  • Sanding on a flat lap wheel with sandpaper.
  • The importance on washing the opal to prevent contamination
  • Polishing with a felt wheel with pumice using cerium oxide
  • The art of polishing and keeping a dome on a cabochon

In ten minutes you will learn more about how to cut an opal than a library full of books!

After watching this video you will be wanting to purchase some rough and begin polishing the old-fashioned way.

Available from our website is the ‘Beginner opal cutter package’.

The package includes:400cts of Lightning Ridge Rough Opal, body tone & brightness scale to grade your opal, & 100 grams of the finest grade Cerium Oxide.

beginner opal cutter package copy







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