The rollercoaster of a high-risk rough opal piece

This high-risk rough opal piece sent me for a wild ride, and the biggest challenge I’ve had in a long time!

I got lured in by the gorgeous 5-millimetre color bar, hooked on a challenge, and then snagged on a rock. We’ll see how this fisherman makes the best out of the opal that got almost away.

When I bought this piece, I knew it was a high-risk rough opal. It looks impressive on the outside, but I can see that there’s a challenge lurking under the surface.

I was nervous that the sand would completely eat the color bar on this high-risk rough opal. Let’s say that I had to reel in the nerves and put my skills to work to get the best from this piece.

I hope you don’t get motion sickness because you are in for a wild ride today!

The Final Opal

I usually like seafood, but the piece from this week completely catfished me. As always, we focus on getting the best out of a heart-wrenching situation and trying to keep the best stone we can.

The final stone came in at 5.87-carats and, thankfully, sits at the same value that I paid for the rough. It is a dark opal with a beautiful range of colors spread across its flagstone pattern.

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