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French Opal Cutting Challenge

Last year we brought you Donald Trump’s Opal Cutting Challenge. But what about real customers? When you buy a parcel of rough, how do you know you are going to get your money’s worth? Well, here is a real life example of what a customer produced from a parcel he bought.

34ct Rough Opal Parcel
34ct Rough Opal Parcel

Christian purchased the parcel from us for $999. It was 34 carats and comprised of 7 pieces. The parcel was bright and included some beautiful rough including the stunning centre stone – which we call the king stone of the parcel.

The Result

Our frenchman was very happy with the outcome once he had cut the parcel which yielded a total of 17 carats. He followed the colour and cut most into freeform shapes rather than the more traditional oval.

One of the pieces had sand running through it but he still managed to cut a double sided triangle.

My favourite is the lozenge shaped king stone. This stone alone is worth the purchase price of the parcel, ensuring he got a great return on investment. Just look at that colour and bright pattern – amazing!

001 French Opal Cutting Challenge French Opal Cutting Challenge 006 French Opal Cutting Challenge King Stone 2 French Opal Cutting Challenge King Stone 009 012

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