Even more opal patterns: Part 2

This is part 2 of opal patterns explained (you can catch up with part 1 here). Now that you are familiar with the differences between Rolling Flash and Broad Flash patterns, we introduce another five opal patterns found in opal from Lightning Ridge.

Pinfire opal pattern
Pinfire Pattern


Pinfire pattern is exactly as described. Fine flashes of fire punctuate the stone as it moves.

Asteria Opal Pattern
Asteria Pattern


Characterised by a pattern that radiates out from a centre nucleus. This is an uncommon pattern.

Feather Opal Pattern
Feather Pattern


This pattern is mostly found in material from the Grawin Opal fields. It is characterised by soft feather like lines that fan out.

Chaff Opal Pattern
Chaff Pattern


Justin’s favorite. Chaff is literally like hay and in the opal it is seen as lines or “scratches” across a block of color.

Clover Leaf Opal Pattern
Clover Leaf Pattern


Resembling a clover leaf, this pattern is very distinctive as well as rare.

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