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Enhanced and Photoshopped Opal

Enhanced or photoshopped opal appears all over the internet. Today I dropped off a stone to be valued for a client and the valuer was frustrated at the number of people coming to her to get essentially worthless stones valued. Buying, what they thought was a bargain off the net, the stones did not live up to their photos and in most cases didn’t resemble them at all.

In this video Justin shows you a couple of things to look out for and makes you aware just how easy it is to manipulate not only a photo but also a video.

Enhancing and photoshopping should not be confused with viewing opal in different lights. As we have shown you, and many opal lovers know, different lighting situations give a different colour play. Some opals look great in daylight whilst some really come alive under artificial light. Blues are always difficult to photograph and may come out looking more purple in the image, however what we are talking about today is very different.

Enhanced and photoshopped opal exhibit telltale signs such as overly red fingers of the person holding the stone, extra bright and extra sharp pattern in photos as well as exact patterns repeated in the opal. Take a look at the video and familiarise yourself with the differences.

As with everything you need to trust the seller. If you have any doubt, don’t purchase the stone or search around for other buyer feedback – particularly if you are buying from Ebay.

Our Guarantee

We sell what you see on screen. No gimmicks and no mis-information. Thats why we photograph and video each opal we sell so you are fully informed. Plus, if you don’t like the stone or feel it wasn’t what you expected you have 30 days to return it  for a new stone or your money back.

What can be simpler than that?

People often come to us after a bad experience elsewhere and once they receive the opal they regularly email us with a  “Wow, my opal looks even better in real life”.  It doesn’t get better than that as far as we are concerned!

We hope this helps you on your opal journey.

Have you seen some excessively photoshopped or enhanced opal lately?  Leave a comment below with the link to the site and we can all check it out.

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