Cushion Cut Opal: A revived shape

Now we aren’t talking about the soft furnishing kinds but rather the opal shape that is appearing more and more. Cushion cut opal has been around forever and we often see boulder opal in rectangles or cushions. During the early parts of last century you find some beautiful examples of cushion cut white opal, but where is the cushion cut black?

We know that it’s a really popular shape for mens rings and in smaller sizes for art deco inspired womens rings. If you have the material, cushion cut opal is also great in earring designs.

Did you know you can now search our inventory based on shape? Just refine each category down with a selection of shapes and voilà! You might just find the perfect opal and be inspired to create something of your own! EXPLORE THE RANGE

If you are itching to cut your own cushion shape, grab a drink and watch while Justin shows you how.

You might have seen him filming it on Facebook live earlier this week but here is the full video – enjoy and let us know what your favourite shape is in the comments below!

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