COVID-19 Shipping Update


We are still open for business!

As everyone knows, Australia is an island. This is mostly a good thing BUT when borders are closed it means less movement of aircraft in and out of the country. This is having a major effect on current shipping processes and we’ve had to make some hard decisions.

We are now only shipping to the countries listed below.

If your country is not listed and you would like to purchase from us – please email us to find out if it is possible. If you are in Europe, we mostly can, but things are changing daily. If you are in Asia, we are holding off at this time but that may change next week. The countries we are shipping to:

  • CANADA Canada is back.

Shipping times have been stretched out.

  • Australia Post Express Post within Austalia is no longer an overnight service and may take up to 3 days.
  • DHL International Trackable Post is advising of delays up to 21 days. This service will now take between 4-6 weeks (so sorry about these times!)
  • FedEx is no longer accepting International Economy shipments so we have upgraded all shipping to Priority at no extra cost to you. This means the FedEx service will now take 4-5 days.
  • As always, our shipments are trackable and insured for your peace of mind. If you are unsure, we do suggest the FedEx service.
  • A NOTE ABOUT TRACKING: If you are overseas and have selected $12 shipping, we will send you a tracking number and the DHL portal link to track your package. From about 2 weeks after the item has been shipped you can also use your local postal service tracking portal eg. or These will sometimes give you more information in the later stages of shipping.

We are still designing and making custom pieces.

Our jeweller, Peter, is local to us. He is in isolation and has been for 6 weeks. We have an ample supply of raw materials. If you are looking for a special piece to be made, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your continued good health is our priority.

Currently, the only people handling our opal are Justin, Ruth and Melinda. All are practicing social distancing and not moving around the community. We are ensuring that all precautionary measures are being taken. If you are wanting to be doubly or triply sure, you can soak your opal in hand sanitiser no problem! Check out Justin’s latest care video here.

This fun coloring-in page is courtesy of the wonderful Castle and Things.
This fun coloring-in page is courtesy of the wonderful Castle and Things, visit them here!

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