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Using a Tumbler to clean rough opal

Welcome to our first tip for 2013.We are so looking forward to this year and have some great ideas on rough opal and cut stones to share. We want to help you all grow your opal knowledge and well as your collections so get ready for lots of information to come your way! This week’s tip focuses on rough opal. When you buy or mine opal it can often be covered in residual dirt that is way too hard to remove with normal washing. That is where a tumbler comes in handy. A tumbler is basically a barrel that sits in a small basket and is turned constantly over time.…

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Bull’s Rush – a new source of Opal

  A few weeks ago I told you about a potential new opal find out at a station called Barfield. Well, the word out it that it is very promising. Barfield is a cattle station about 75 kms (46 miles) south west of Lightning Ridge. Close to the Grawin and Sheepyard opal fields, it has been earmarked for some time as a possible new opal field. Prospecting has been happening out there and the first claims have now been pegged. The material coming out is seam opal – typical for the area. Seam opal is found – as the name suggests in seams, the material cuts beautifully and the colors…

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