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Justin’s Personal Opal Collection

  Storytime! Let’s quiz Justin on some of the beautiful gemstones in his personal opal collection. Join us as Melinda (Black Opal Direct’s newest member!) is introduced and gets to ask Justin for the stories on some of his most prized and precious opals.   All opals, including those in Justin’s personal collection, have their own stories. Whether they’ve been in families for generations or they were only recently cut and polished, the meaning behind gemstones is what makes them irreplaceable.   Justin’s Personal Opal Collection The first stone introduced is one of Justin’s favorite stones; one handed down to him from his Dads personal collection 40 years ago. The…

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Campbell Bridges: Opal Explorer

Campbell Bridges

Campbell Bridges is a world renowned geologist, explorer and gemologist. He discovered Tsavoritenand brought Tanzanite to the USA in the 1960s. One stone not synonymous with him is opal – until now. Campbell was born in Africa and spent much of his adult life as a geologist in Southern and Eastern Africa, in particular Kenya. When he discovered Tsavorite, a type of green garnet prized for its perfect green and superior sparkle, he was mining in Tanzania. A change in government saw all mines nationalised and he followed the geology until he got to Taita on the Kenyan side of the Tsavo region. By this time he was married and…

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