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Which opal is the impostor?

How can I tell if an opal is  lab created, treated or fake opal?  I get many enquiries with people asking me this question and sending me images of ‘cheap opal’ they have found for sale on the internet. I am saddened when they purchase this opal only to be told it is fake, synthetic, treated opal, lab created …take your’s not real! It’s not a genuine opal! The internet is saturated with Ethiopian treated opal and lab created opal. Lab created is referring to opal that is manmade in a laboratory. As you can well image the amount that can be produced under such conditions is limitless. It…

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Enhanced and Photoshopped Opal

Enhanced or photoshopped opal appears all over the internet. Today I dropped off a stone to be valued for a client and the valuer was frustrated at the number of people coming to her to get essentially worthless stones valued. Buying, what they thought was a bargain off the net, the stones did not live up to their photos and in most cases didn’t resemble them at all. In this video Justin shows you a couple of things to look out for and makes you aware just how easy it is to manipulate not only a photo but also a video. Enhancing and photoshopping should not be confused with viewing…

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