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What is an Opal Doublet and how can I tell?

How to spot an Opal Doublet

How can you tell whether an opal is a doublet or completely natural? There are a lot of opal and opal jewelry sellers out there, but how can you tell what if you’re paying for is natural opal? First, let’s chat about why someone would make an opal doublet in the first place. Doublets are usually made to make a piece of opal, or opal jewelry, look like it’s worth more than it actually is. They blacken the back of opal which enhances its color bar making the opal look more expensive. The catch here is that as soon as opal is reinforced its value can be reduced. To make…

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How to make and identify an opal doublet

We have some doublets that have been made by us here. Opal doublets are a fantastic way to achieve a great looking black opal at a fraction of a solid price. They are a great choice for many of us when looking for a champagne taste opal on a beer budget. We have covered doublets in the past here and here, but thought you might like a newer one with a few more tips and detail. In this video, we show you how a doublet is made. This video will enable you to have a go in making your own – or – if you are not into lapidary – at least…

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Doublet Opal: Are they real?

Doublet Opal Sterling Silver Ring

Is a doublet a real opal? Absolutely, but it has been enhanced. Doublets are a great way to achieve the color of a gem black opal with a fraction of the cost. They have been enhanced to give the effect of a black opal by attaching or gluing some black opal or black colorless potch on the back of a lighter piece of opal to change its looks. Even though doublets are opal, they are not natural as they have been enhanced through being composed. So I would consider the opal as treated. Here at Black Opal Direct we make doublets the old fashioned way with black potch. Bonded to…

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