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Video: Teaching Kids to Cut Opal

Kids love messing around and if there is water involved they seem to enjoy it more. Today we thought you might like to see Justin teaching kids to cut opal. It’s school holidays over here – almost four weeks with the kids home – in winter! Finding things to do that don’t involve a screen can be challenging so enjoy Justin’s tips for cutting with kids – as well as a useful tip from Saxon as well. I warn you though, Saxon is a giggle pot and the old adage,  ‘You shouldn’t work with children or animals’,  is certainly true! Have you tried to teach a child to cut opal?…

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Shop highlights: Drops, Pillows and Freeform Opal Shapes

Sometimes we have an idea for an opal setting and an oval opal is just not going to work. Here we showcase some of the other opal shapes and what is currently for sale. Pillow or Cushion Cut Opal This was a favourite shape of Justin’s father Jurgen. Very few opals are made to be cut in a square or rectangle but when it works, it just works! Drop or Pear Shape Looking through the stock I think this must be Justin’s favourite shape to cut other than ovals. A drop shape works for all types of jewelry – either as the hero or as the accent to something larger.…

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How to reduce fatigue when cutting opal

Customer Daniel with his Cutting Setup

Cutting opal can be tough on the body, crunched over a cutting wheel for hours on end, its no wonder Justin gets a sore back and neck. One of our customers decided to find a better posture for cutting by positioning a concave mirror over the top of his wheel. Daniel tells the story best:   [quote] It has a 3x magnification (I found that greater than that does not work, and flat mirrors make the stone seem too far away from your eye). They can be found at most beauty suppliers or  Bed Bath and Beyond. The larger diameter seems to help (8 inch or more). I modified the…

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