Black Opal

Black Opal


What is a Black Opal?

When you work closely with opal for over 30 years, you can sometimes forget how important the most obvious questions are! In this video, I … Read more

Blue Opal

Blue Opal is a common term that refers to the dominant opal color, not the body color (i.e. black, semi-black, white), as is thought by … Read more

Natural Opal

Natural opal is the term used for opal that has naturally formed in the ground in areas where silica is in high concentration through the … Read more

Lightning Ridge Opal

There are many types of rough opal from many parts of the world. Rough opal comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. In Ethiopia, opal … Read more

3.25ct black opal cushion cut5

Green Blue Opal

There are many categories of opal when it comes to grading them out. Opals of all different colors are and have different values depending on … Read more

Solid Black Opal

Solid black opal is found mainly in Lightning Ridge in Australia. Black opal is a dark-bodied or a dark tint throughout the opal, making the … Read more

Black Crystal Opal

Black crystal opal is a rare type of opal. It is tough to find black crystal opal in large quantities because its makeup is hard … Read more

Australian Black Opal

Australian Black Opal comes from Lightning Ridge in the outback of New South Wales,  Australia. Commercially it would produce over 95% of the World’s black … Read more

Gem Black Opal

How is Gem Black Opal found? Gem black Opal is found in the formation of a nobby (rounded nodule) or in a seam. Lightning Ridge … Read more

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