Can I cut a gem from this color?

After a week of fishing the Great Barrier Reef with mates, it’s time to fish for a gem! Can I cut a gem opal from this color?

I’ve been fishing in the gorgeous waters of the Great Barrier Reef for a week to recharge, and I’m feeling better than ever!

Let’s get back into it by cutting this nobby opal from Allawah Opal Field in Lightning Ridge. It has a thick bar with Flagstone pattern, and some color inside that looks promising. As we know, though, opal can turn on you without warning.

Will I be able to cut a gem? There’s only one way to find out! 

There is potch on the top and the bottom of this nobby, so I need to decide how I want to attack it. I need to figure out where the color will face best, so I don’t make a massive mistake and grind down the wrong side.

Bit by bit, I reveal the opal within… does it cut a gem? Watch to see!

Psst… spoiler alert. Here’s the finished opal! Click to see the 3.85-carat opal.

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