Caitlin Mociun: Opal Jewelry Spotlight

A few months ago we rushed an opal to New York for a special commission. Here are the results and what a  beautiful piece of opal jewelry it is. Brooklyn designer and jeweler Caitlin Mociun has created a classic pendant which, in my opinion, honors the Victorians who really loved opal. It has a vintage feel but with a totally modern twist. You can see more of Caitlin’s work here and I am sure she would be happy discuss any custom requests you have. The opal used is 6.53cts and is set in yellow gold with black diamonds.

Opal Jewelry design presents a unique challenge in my opinion. How do you showcase the opal  – which has lots of colors and is quite “busy” and balance the setting which needs to be protective and robust – considering the relative hardness of opal? Of course matching it with white diamonds has always been the most straightforward but what about other colored gemstones? I think Caitlins use of black diamond works fabulously as a contrast to the black opal.

What are your thoughts? How do you like to see opal set?


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