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Bull’s Rush – a new source of Opal


Seam Opal simliar to material found at Bulls Rush, Lightning Ridge

A few weeks ago I told you about a potential new opal find out at a station called Barfield. Well, the word out it that it is very promising.

Barfield is a cattle station about 75 kms (46 miles) south west of Lightning Ridge. Close to the Grawin and Sheepyard opal fields, it has been earmarked for some time as a possible new opal field. Prospecting has been happening out there and the first claims have now been pegged.

The material coming out is seam opal – typical for the area. Seam opal is found – as the name suggests in seams, the material cuts beautifully and the colors which are not always as intense as nobby opal, are lovely with a predominance of red and blue. The color found so far is pretty good and many of the pieces found so far are bright green orange.

50 meter  x 50m meter claims have now been pegged in the first prospecting area and a license has been issued for a second area. Lets hope that lots of great opal materializes out of Barfield and Bulls Rush.

New Opal Fields