Boulder opal

Boulder opal is the most organic type of gemstone. Being an opal that has a host-rock, the boulder opal forms in veins, fissures and cracks in the ironstone. The opal moves with the cracks in the ground, making it undulate, so the face of a cut and finished boulder opal will not usually be even faced or domed.
A Boulder Opal Pendant is an organic type of jewelry and will have beautiful curves and waving shapes that go with a boulder opal pendant.

Boulder opal

Opal comes in all form and types. Opal Matrix is a form of opal that can be treated or untreated. Some Opal Matrix has to go through treatment to show any color-play. Usually, matrix opal has very little depth to it because of its density. Density in an opal means the ability to see through the stone. Boulder matrix is small opal flecks through the ironstone making the opal look similar to confetti opal.
Opal Matrix is usually a more inexpensive type of opal gemstone.

Most continents on Earth produce opal in some form or another. Some produce gem-quality opal with color-play. And some countries only produce Common Opal. Common Opal is a silica-based opal that has no color-play and is usually grey or white.  Lightning Ridge also provides common opal; in fact, the majority of all opal that comes from every mining field in the world is common opal. That is why precious opal is so rare.

Queensland is a vast and expansive landscape. With boulder opal fields stretching right across the ancient inland sea. Queensland Boulder Opal has a lot of possibilities and prospecting for boulder opal is in a massive area in Queensland. Boulder opal is found in fissures and cavities in a brown host rock called ironstone. The opal does not form unless the ironstone level is present. The opal is considered a gemstone, like Lightning Ridge opal, boulder opal has almost as high quality and is a force to be reckoned with for the future.

People in the world have tried to copy Solid Boulder Opal By making opal doublets with boulder ironstone backing, but opal experts can always tell that the opal is not solid by checking the sides of the opal. The opal will have lines and glue marks to show that it is a doublet. Solid Boulder Opal is naturally formed gem opal that is found in Queensland Australia. This opal rivals the Australian Black opal from Lightning Ridge.

There are many different types of opal in the world from black opal to crystal opal to white opal and boulder opal. These opals are just a few from Australia. There are even more types of opal from around the world, with Brazil showing off a new Types Of Opal that is more delicate than Australian opals but can show off a beautiful crystal gem color-play. All the types of opal that are mentioned are only natural precious opal gemstones.

Opal cutting Boulder Opal is a messy and challenging business. A Boulder Opal Cutter usually has a room that is laced with brown walls and opal dirt sprayed all over the cutting room. An Opal Cutter is a person who has attention for detail and must have sharp eyes. Looking carefully for impurities and cracks in the opal an opal cutter must be very careful when deciding how to cut a rough piece of opal. Any opal can have all sorts of problems that must be seen before the cut. Otherwise, the opal may be smaller than it could have been, if not studied carefully.

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