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The Blue Green Edit – Opals Under $1000

It’s Mother’s Day for our corner of the world on May 12 and what better way to celebrate the one of a kind mother in your life than with the gift of an opal as unique and beautiful as she is?

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Mothers are full of great advice; don’t wash dark clothes with whites, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, don’t dye your hair – it’ll never look the same again (a year of growing my hair out after packet dying it black and I wish I had listened to this one).

They are a constant force guiding us to become the best we can in any situation and do so by imparting these random words of wisdom so that our brains can soak it up and store it for later use.

There have been many times in my adult life that I have recalled a piece of advice that I barely remember being told as a child but that has saved me (and saved my white laundry). Mothers are like gentle knowledge planters; planting seeds of advice that flourish into practical life skills without us even noticing.

Blue Green Opal
Blue Green Gradient (1.06ct0.76ct0.66ct)

This Mother’s Day we’d like to share with you the values that our mothers share with us; to bring beauty into every day, to be proud of our uniqueness, and to share your knowledge with others. We’ve put together a wallet friendly curation of gorgeous stones under US$1,000 that will reflect the individuality of the beautiful mothers around you.

Blue Green Opal 1.41ct
1.41ct Black Opal

To us, opals are the pinnacle of unique beauty and highlighting this beauty is what we do best. Opals can complement an array of other gems yet are striking enough to stand alone as a statement piece bringing a touch of beauty to the everyday. Whether you like blue or green, black or crystal, small or large – opals come in a size, shape, and colour as unique as the individual wearing it.

Blue Green Opal 1.68ct
1.68ct Black Opal

These blue and green flecked opals bare a striking resemblance to the ever changing rolling seas; their ocean hues moving and shifting as light hits the stone. Blue and green are two of the most abundant colors found in opal but they are also the two most popular. These oceanic tones can be found in all kinds of opal from black to crystal, white to boulder. The tones range from a deep indigo to a light sky blue, and forest greens extend to light and grassy hues.

1.34ct Black Opal

Blues and greens evoke a sense of serenity and can be a calming stone to wear. Like the seas, blues and greens in deeper shades can signify power, depth and strength. These gorgeous stones go well with everything; adding a touch of sophistication to every day outfits or further complimenting a more glamorous look.

Blue Green Opal 0.48ct
0.48ct Black Opal

Whether it’s for your mother, your wife, or one of the women who has guided you to where you are today, the gift of opal has the power to reflect back the beauty of individuality inspired by the mothers around us. Our carefully curated collection of oceanic blue and green opals for under US$1,000 can be crafted into jewelry or gifted just as they are.

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