Best kept secrets of Lightning Ridge

Visiting the outback is a special experience and visiting Lightning Ridge is no different. In today’s video, we share a magical place – that not even all locals know about.

Hot Springs on the Cooceran Fields

We have told you about the hot artesian slings in town before, but did you know that way out on the opal fields is another lesser-known “bore bath”? Justin takes Saxon and his mate Dave (lurking in the video’s background) for a drive to show you just how special the place is.

Surrounded by bush, it’s a little oasis with piping hot water to wash away the cares of the day. A perfect place to watch the stars at night and dream about the opal that you will find!

The best kept secret of Lightning Ridge
Justin and Saxon enjoy the hot springs.


On our trip to the Ridge this weekend, I took a friend from Argentina and played tour guide for the afternoon. We followed the Red Car Door tour, 

For more insight, watch as he tells the story in his own words a few years ago for  ABC NEWS.

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4 thoughts on “Best kept secrets of Lightning Ridge”

  1. thank you for sharing that, you looked at ease in the bush, I see we have some things in common aside from a deep love of opals, I take a pack horse and go deep camping to get away from the tourists and hike in to places mostly only the animals see, there I find some piece of mind and freedom of spirit,

    • Thanks David! We are trying to improve all the time. Constructive feedback is always welcome and email us anytime if you have suggestions or topics we should cover.


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