Andy’s Custom Opal Ring

An incredible black opal deserves an even more extraordinary jewelry setting, and that is exactly what we achieved with Andy’s custom opal ring.
An old piece of Lightning Ridge Black Opal found its way to us.
This is the calibre of opal they were taking out of the mines 20 to 30 years ago, simply breathtaking.

How It Started

Hear from Andy himself about how his opal ring journey began and why creating a piece of opal jewelry was so important to him.
Press the play button below.

Opal Specs

2.80ct drop-shape gem black opal
11.9 x 10.5 x 3.8 mm
An N2 in bodytone and the brightness of a 5.
Incredibly bold and bright colors within a flagstone pattern.

The Plan

As you heard in Andy’s audio, he knows Justin and Ruth extremely well. Once Justin found the perfect Black Opal gemstone for Andy, it was time to start designing. Given Ruth’s close relationship with Andy, she knew that a standard men’s ring wouldn’t suffice. “We needed to create a modern heirloom that was impactful, substantial, abstract, and complex.” The opal was a classic pear shape that would commonly be the start of a very feminine design, but Ruth knew this was just a limiting idea and imagined something unique to Andy and his personality.

We enlisted the help of Master Jeweller Benjamin Tracy to create a custom opal ring like no other to showcase this one-of-a-kind Black Opal. According to Ruth, both Ben and Andy share a similar approach in the way they ‘show up’ in the world. Striving for excellence isn’t an option for them; it is just who they naturally are.

Ruth prepared a brief for Ben, including ideas and references to ring designs she had seen over time, including designs that Ben had already created. “What was so gratifying is that Andy went along with our ideas and allowed Ben’s creative process to evolve naturally throughout the design.”

* A  fun fact about Ben; he was an essential part of the team at the official crown jeweller for the British Royal family for 10 years and created bespoke pieces for David & Victoria Beckham (including her original engagement ring), Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt and the epic ‘Heart of the Ocean’  necklace worn by Kate Winslett in the film Titanic.

Ben’s sketch of Andy’s final ring design.

Andy’s Custom Opal Ring

The result — is a form of sculpture, a manifestation of a tangible legacy to wear, enjoy and pass down for generations.
Unveiling the essence of this masterpiece: at its heart lies a 2.80ct Black Opal, encased in platinum, and adorned with radiant diamonds.

Feeling inspired to create a piece of Opal Jewelry for yourself or someone you love?
We can help — start by choosing your opal here, then drop us a line to help bring your opal jewelry creation to life here.

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