An opal buying trip to Lightning Ridge!

We’re off on an opal buying trip to Lightning Ridge! Watch as we dance, skip, and crawl our way out west.

Lightning Ridge is a long way from any of Australia’s beautiful coastlines. Separated by the Great Dividing Range, the climate here is sheltered from the tropical weather of the coastline. This creates an arid landscape dotted with shrubs, wildlife and prickly pear cactus.

But just because it’s miles away from the sand and salt of Australia’s famous beaches doesn’t mean it isn’t a stunner of a sight to see. Long and narrow roads shouldered by the red dirt of the outback lead to Australia’s best country town. Let me show you around!

Most of the folks who live here either mine opal, work with opal or have retired from the opal game. This town is a true opal-holics paradise full of people who are just as consumed by opal as we are!

Opal Buying in Lightning Ridge

Filming an opal buying trip can be tricky because I can’t film many of the miners here, but I’ll do my best to show you around and explain the whole process to you.

After heading out to check out an opal miners haul, we head back to my workshop to explore the loot! I got my hands on enough opal to have plenty to cut with you, as well as some killer gems. From rubs to rough and semi-polished stones, we take a look at this massive haul from our opal buying trip.

I hope you enjoy it! Keep an eye out on our channel over the coming months to watch me cut this rough.

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