This is the ring I had made with the beautiful opal I bought from you. I love it. Thanks Justin!

Hi Justin,
They arrived and I just bought some more! Perfectly packaged they are super big! I love them!

Wanted to let you know that the opals arrived today, a day early! They’re both in good condition and beautiful.

So happy to have this all work out in time, you were a pleasure to purchase from. If there is anywhere I can write a review please tell me.

Hi Justin,
I’ve just received the parcel yesterday. Looks nice! Many thanks for your thoughts for the birthday gift!! 🙂 Again Thanks.

  • Lee

    Justin, Thanks for the opal you are sending to me. Lee Cottrell.

  • Jake

    Very satisfied customer. Got a 1.14 ct Crytal Opal and it’s absolutely perfect for the custom engagement ring I have in mind, the video really didn’t do it justice. After ordering I had a few questions and they were answered swiftly and thoroughly. I got the basic US shipping rate and it shipped about as quickly as I could have imagined, in great packing. These guys are doing it right.

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi Jake thank you for the very kind words and am glad you are happy 😊

  • Matthew Ash

    29 carat boulder opal picture stone-The Waves 34x23x5mm
    Simply an Incredible Stone!!!!
    Thanks Justin

    • Blackopaldirect

      You are welcome bud I am glad you like your opal. 🙂