Finding a Jeweler

Finding a top class jeweler experienced in working with opal can be daunting. We suggest shopping around and asking to see other examples of opal jewellery they have created. Being such a delicate stone, you want to make sure that your jeweler understands  and makes adjustments for this. Designs that work for diamonds may be unsuitable for opal.

We have a number of jewelers we recommend around the world. For a recommendation – or perhaps you have found an outstanding jeweler please feel free to contact us.

In Australia

Contact us directly.


224 Wythe Ave @ the corner of N. 4th
Brooklyn, New York
Wilson and Son
18 Chase Road
Scarsdale, New York
Craig’s Fine Jewelry
394 Main St
Ridgefield, Connecticut
203 -438-3701
Justice Jewelers
3520 E Battlefield
Springfield, Missouri
Gregory Crawford
Middle Georgia
If you would like to work with Greg, please email us for an introduction
For other countries please contact us. If you are a jeweler who works with opal and would like to be featured here, please email us



    can you please recommend a jeweller in perth Western Australia, im actually looking to make an engagement ring with a black opal


    • Hi Christine Thanks for the question about an opal jeweller, I will send you a reply via email directly. 🙂

  • jofried

    Hi Justin, Can you please recommend a jeweller in Vienna Austria, im looking for a specialist to create a pendant catching the “naturtal T” opal. The stone is polished now.
    Thanks and best regards

    • Hello Johannes, Thanks for the email. I am not sure of any great jewelers in Austria. I am sure there plenty and am sorry I am not more helpful. Regards Justin

  • Need jeweler in Northport or Venice
    florida to make pendent or a selection on a black opal.

    • RBT

      Hi Maryanne, Sorry I don’t have a recommendation for a jeweler in Florida. If anyone else has any ideas – please reply and let us all know!

      Regards, Ruth

  • Bozackin

    Looking for a Opal Jeweler in Northern California. Thank you

  • John

    Hi Justin would you be able to recommend a jeweller that can design a engagement ring for one of your black opals.
    Much appreciated.

    • John

      In Melbourne australia

  • Sam Opal Mad

    I have a jeweller in the UK, Leeds who set polished black opal semi black for me in 18ct gold and I was really pleased with his work
    4 rings and a pendant and they are still looking good

    • Hi Sam, Please feel free to email us using the contact us page with their details – we are always on the lookout for more UK jewellers.

    • Thank you Sam I will pass the info on 🙂 What is his Name?

  • Shelley Kochen

    Howdy, do you have a jeweler in Washington State

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi Shelley We don’t have a jewellery in Washington but we have an awesome jeweler that can do everything via correspondence. If you would like to know more you can email my wife Ruth at

  • Todd Cook

    I have an existing ring that I want to have a black opal (will purchase from you) intsalled in my ring ..can you do t for me?
    This way you can find a black opal to fit into the oval opening…replacing the citrine that is there..I can send a pic

    • Blackopaldirect

      Hi Tod Yes you can send me some pics and we can handle the whole process for you. Sned a pic to begin so I can get an idea of what we are tending with. My email is

  • Rebekah Beja

    Hi, I wanted to get a rough idea of prices for purchasing opals in Australian dollars if that’s possible? I was thinking of getting some light pink and pearly looking flakes of opal over laying one another in a little circular plate about 2 meters in diameter ?